- Winner of Phototrend contest, Travel category, October 2018

- Winner of international "Shoot the Frame" contest, Wildlife category, November 2017

- Finalist of Wanderlust magazine "Travel Photo of the Year", 2016

- Finalist of Travel Photographer of the Year (TPOTY) 2016 and 2017

- Finalist of international "Shoot the Frame" contest, in both Portrait and Wildlife categories, September 2016

- Prize Winner, Africa Geographic contest, 2016

- Prizewinner of 2015 Photo.fr contest, "The biggest world photo contest", January 2016

- Winner of international "Shoot the Frame" contest, Portrait category, November 2015

- National Geographic honorable mention for "Broken Dreams", August 2015

- National Geographic honorable mention for "The Enchanted", June 2015

- Prize winner of Photo.fr contest "Enfance et Joie en Asie", September 2014



Matthieu Rivart is a travel photographer whose work is to magnify the beauty of diversity in human cultures and nature. Travelling around the world - through deserts, mountains and jungles - he strives to create awareness about the speed at which these wonders vanish.

Inspired by the work of anthropologists and explorers, the photographer has already travelled in 40 countries to witness the beauty of diversity, from the overcrowded streets of Mumbai to the most remote villages in Africa.

His trips are his attempt to understand human nature and its environments, and to preserve the essence of their beauty through photography, before the last traditional cultures and unspoiled spaces fade away.

Far from the flows of tourists and from the westernisation of our world, his travels come with long walks in deserts and jungles, with adventures and exhaustion, to find those lost worlds, those remote cultures and traditions that people usually only know about through the stories of explorers.

The knowledge and understanding of the culture and environment Matthieu is travelling to is a key element to create that unique connection with the people he meets. 

It allows him to quickly adapt to the cultures he visits, breaking the barriers between his European determinism and the indigenous authenticity of his hosts. Trust and mutual respect become the main tie in a special relationship where our familiar ways of communication have to be reinvented. 

This is probably what makes Matthieu Rivart’s work so distinguishing: his capability to capture an emotion in a portrait or a moment, and to transcribe it to the beholder, who suddenly gets transported himself a thousand miles away, living the experience besides the photographer.